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Every resume should communicate an individual’s unique talents so we will:


  • Choose the most effective and appropriate format

  • Maximize impact by carefully selecting career highlights and quantifiable results

  • Communicate with clarity and brevity while still featuring important keywords




Personal statements are your best chance to set yourself apart from the competition so we will:


  • Brainstorm to come up with the most creative way to tell your story, tell the truth and avoid clichés

  • Make sure that your statement reflects that you have carefully researched the interests and needs of the school or organization so you can speak directly to those needs

  • Communicate your fit for the school or organization with clarity and passion




Cover letters should always be written with the reader in mind so we will:


  • Do the research so the letter speaks to the needs of the company

  • Grab his or her attention in the first sentence of the letter

  • Paint a compelling picture of your fit for the position without just reviewing your resume




With so many qualified candidates out there, you really have to make an immediate impact with your essay, so we will:


  • Talk through relevant past experiences or interests to best communicate who you are in a brief but compelling way

  • Make sure your essay truly answers the question if there is a prompt

  • Help you choose the most effective words to make your points

For further information and fee structure, please contact us

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