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Sree Bhagwat, Senior Marketing Analyst, Boston Children’s Hospital

“I am writing to express my gratitude for the invaluable assistance Gayle provided to me during my job search. Just weeks after utilizing her help with my resume, I accepted senior marketing analyst position. Also I wanted to point out that my resume was picked by HR department of 8 other companies. Thank you again for your help. Without your services, I have no doubt that I would still be struggling through my job search.”


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Bill Driebusch, SQL/Server Developer, Siemens Corporation (retired)

“It is uncommon to encounter someone as organized, efficient and detail oriented as Gayle. I have had the pleasure to have known her personally for over 25 years and also to have obtained her input to assist in composing and deploying my resume. Gayle’s unique combination of candor, approachability, enthusiasm and deliberated professional approach during our consultation resulted in an immediate interview and offer (which I accepted) for a position. This was from the first targeted set of resumes I distributed after our meeting. Moreover, I received several compliments on the document’s layout and presentation during the interview process from various staff at my future employer. It would be difficult for me to offer a more unqualified recommendation for a professional than that which I could give for Gayle.”


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Jeff Pearl, Urology Resident Physician, Emory

“My background training has always been math/science oriented. I recently obtained a position in a competitive surgical training program. When it came time to work on my application for surgical residency I found Gayle to be of pivotal assistance. She was able to bring out further depth in my personal statement, and on the interview trail I received multiple compliments as a result. I know I'll go back to Gayle with any essay and application questions in the future.”


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Ketan Patel, Radiology Resident Physician, Rush Medical

“As a medical student, one of the more stressing events is writing a personal statement that completes the residency application. Gayle did a great job of helping me through this process by organizing my thoughts onto paper and also making sure that the content and flow were both interesting and professional. In fact, during my interviews, my personal statement was brought up many times. I would highly recommend her and I will be using her services again.”


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Talia Abrams, High School Senior

"Gayle, thank you so much for all of your help with my college application essay! Not only did your guidance help me get admitted to my first choice, but you also taught me some crucial writing skills that I have put to good use in the past months and I know will stay with me forever. I am eternally grateful for your help and very excited to let you know about my college admission!"

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